What life was like in the Meon Valley 1000 years ago

The following video was produced by Regia Anglorum a living history society whose members  bring to life and celebrate the heritage of the Saxon era.

For more information about Regia Anglorum (including how to become a member) and to learn about life in the Saxon era go to the Regia website – www.regia.org.

The following re-enactment film is available via the Regia website or YouTube.
It invites us, in an evocative and exciting manner, to:
    Travel back across a thousand years
    To a time when myth and history were one 
    Across the centuries
    To an age when  Saxons, Vikings and Normans
    Lived, fought and strove to survive
    In these British Isles 
    …to the Age of Regia Anglorum – ‘The Kingdoms of the English’

The film offers intriguing insights into family, farming and warrior life as it would have been in the Meon Valley in Saxon times