Village Points of Contact

Village points of contact

The meeting of the Meon Wara (people of the Meon) held on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2013 accepted the generous offer of the following people to act as points of contact for the villages in the Meon Valley

-east meone (East Meon):                   David Hopkins           

-west meone (West Meon):                 Michael Major           

-wernaeford (Warnford):                     Gerry Corden              

-east seaxnatune (Exton)                    Anne Brannon, Jill Hignett           

-cornhampton (Cornhampton)               Alison Smalley, Rosie Frere-Cook           

-menestoche (Meonstoke)                    Roger Robinson         

-drocensford (Droxford)                       John Whittaker          

-subertune (Soberton)                        Penny Rowlinson, David Salmon       

-wichæma mearc (Wickham)                    Brian Barrett              

-ticefelle (Titchfield)                            Ken Groves