Saxons in the Meon Valley: A Place-Name Survey by Dr Kelly A.Kilpatrick

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The University of Nottingham is one of three universities (the others being Cambridge and Winchester) supporting the ‘Saxons in the Meon Valley’ programme


We were very fortunate to be offered the research services of Dr Kelly Kilpatrick of the Institute of Name Studies at the University of Nottingham


Kelly has undertaken and amazingly in-depth study of the place names in the Meon Valley and published her work in a report entitled: ‘Saxons in the Meon Valley: A Place-Name Survey’

The full report is available to download here – MeonValleyPlaceNameResearch_Sep2014.

Kelly and her colleague Dr Paul Cavill, also contributed to the making of our film  – ‘The Meon Valley – A Journey of Discovery’

Paul gave us an interview which is posted on our film partner’s (Focus Business Communications) project blog website:

Research for production: Old English Place Names – Meon Valley and its Saxon Heritage

Nottingham University’s Institute for NameStudies is the home of research into place‑names and personal names. The English Place‑Name Society (EPNS) is the established national body for the subject; its offices and library are housed in the Institute. (For more information see


Dr Kelly Kilpatrick who joined us for our AGM in April 2014, has a DPhil in Medieval History at the University of Oxford, specialising in early medieval British and Irish place-names.

Kelly’s toponymic (place name) research utilises interdisciplinary methodologies alongside traditional approaches to study the impact of migrations and religion on the place-names, landscapes and cultures of medieval Britain and Ireland. Kelly has published works on Celtic religious place-name elements and the role of place-names in an Irish hagiographical tradition, and has contributed short articles on Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastical architecture to Oxford University’s Woruldhord project ( (The Friends of Corhampton Church has also contributed to Woruldhord – World Hoard)

In addition to Her work on place names in the Meon Valley, Kelly’s current research interests include: a detailed examination of the place-names in Y Gododdin, a comparative study on the role of place-names in Anglo-Saxon hagiography (specifically the Vita Sancti Guthlaci), and a project provisionally titled ‘Place-Names, Landscapes and Early Christian Identity in the Hebrides: The Maritime Geography of the Vita Sancti Columbae.’


Dr Paul Cavill,  has  many years’ experience in place-name scholarship, and has edited the English Place-Name County Survey volumes over the past two decades.

Paul has published several articles on the early traditions relating to Saint Edmund of East Anglia and is interested in,  and written books on, the history of early English Christianity (Anglo-Saxon Christianity, The Christian Tradition in Anglo-Saxon England), and the influence of Christianity on literature (‘The Christian Tradition in English Literature’). Paul has also published extensively on Maxims, Cædmon’s Hymn, The Battle of Maldon and other works.

Paul has extensive research experience in the general linguistic, cultural, historical and literary background of Anglo-Saxon England, and enjoy interdisciplinary approaches to the study of both texts and language.