“Surveying for Saxons” – Dr Nick Stoodley

On the 12th November 2013 Nick Stoodley gave a talk on “Surveying for Saxons” held in All Saints Church Room in East Meon.


The East Meon history group hosted a talk by Dr Nick Stoodley, our lead archaeologist on November 12th 2013
An audience of about 50 people (members of the History Group, representatives of other parish organisations, and guests from other villages) met in the church hall.
Guy Liardet, the chairman of the Friends of Corhampton Saxon Church (the lead charity for the ‘Saxons in the Meon Valley) and community lead for the archaeological surveys, gave a community perspective on the ‘Saxons in the Meon Valley’
Nick, in his talk (see attached), gave an overview of the period covered by his talk; early Saxon, or to be more accurate, Jutish, and the challenges facing the archaeologist in detecting signs of settlement at that time.
He explained the methods being employed in conducting archaeological surveys.
Nick rounded off with an interesting overview of East Meon’s promise as a possible location for surveys, not least because the source of the river is in the parish.
There is enthusiasm in the village and several offers of participation, for surveys in and around East Meon.”
Attached are a copy of Nick Stoodley’s talk and notes taken at the meeting by Michael Blakstad, chairman of the history group
Below is a video of the event
Similar events are being hosted in the other villages in the Meon Valley

Below are a video produced by our commissioned film-maker Steve Hammal of Dark Sky productions and links to a copy of Nick’s presentation and notes made by Michael Blakstad.

Nick Stoodley’s Talk at East Meon 12 November 2013

Notes on Nick Stoodley’s talk ‘Surveying for Saxons’

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