Meet The Archaeologists

Dr Nick Stoodley, FSA – lead archaeologist for the ‘Saxons in the Meon Valley’

I am a freelance archaeologist specialising in the early Anglo-Saxon period. I received my PhD from the University of Reading in 1997 and was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 2007.

I am a Visiting Research Fellow (Archaeology Dept) University of Winchester (previously a Senior Lecturer).  My research and publications focus on the archaeology of early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, especially in Wessex, and what the evidence tells us about cultural and social arrangements in the 5th – 7th centuries AD.

In addition, I am the Production Editor for Hampshire Studies (Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society) and I am responsible for compiling the Annual Review of Archaeology in Hampshire.

Please click on the link below for details of Dr Nick Stoodley talk on “Surveying for Saxons”

“Surveying for Saxons” – Dr Nick Stoodley

About Mike Gaines:

My name is Mike Gaines and I am an enthusiastic Metal Detectorist which is a pastime I have enjoyed for over twenty five years. The Meon Valley is a very beautiful part of England and must have been a magnet to invaders over the centuries and it is where most of my detecting opportunities have been. My favourite period in history is the Anglo-Saxons who were very artistic people and created many beautiful artefacts all delightfully decorated, and I have been fortunate enough to find some of these whilst detecting. I look forward to working with the Archaeologists on the Meon Valley Project, and I hope the Saxon artefacts I have found will help illustrate the history of the Meon valley.

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