Meon Valley Archaeology & Heritage Group

BBC4 Digging for Britain – 9.00 pm Wednesday 22nd November

Don’t miss seeing the MVAHG/Winchester University excavation on screen!

Last month we announced that the MVAHG/Winchester University excavation at Exton will feature in the prestigious BBC4 programme: Digging for Britain. We can confirm now that the programme (‘The West’) will be broadcast on BBC4 on Wednesday 22nd November at 9.00 pm. It will feature an interview with Professor Tony King together with footage from the site, including the unearthing of the painted wall plaster and floor of the bath house. We have not seen an advance copy of the programme, but if you took part in the dig during the summers of 2016/17 keep a look out – you may see yourself on screen!

This is the first programme in the new series of Digging for Britain where Professor Alice Roberts explores some of this year’s most exciting archaeological finds in Britain. Each discovery comes straight from the trenches/site, filmed by the archaeologists themselves. Also featured in this episode we discover the camp from which Vikings invaded Britain, and find ground-breaking new evidence that the world-famous Avebury stone circle isn’t just a sacred site but a place where our ancestors lived and worked; a discovery that’s also changing our understanding of neighbouring Stonehenge. In Staffordshire, the oldest Iron Age gold in Britain is unearthed – a set of beautiful gold torcs, mysteriously abandoned 2,500 years ago.