The Big Dig

The Roman Villa Dig has arrived in the Meon Valley

We are proud to announce that our geophysical team volunteers have discovered an extension to the Roman Villa after completing surveys in 2015.

We are fortunate to have formed a partnership with Winchester University who have recognized the importance of our work by arranging a dig this year.

The Dig will commence on the 7th June to 25th June.

Excluding Sunday’s and Monday’s

 Tony King professor from Winchester University will lead the dig and will be helped by graduates from the university.

An important aim of this dig is to encourage volunteers from the local community to join and gain first hand experience of a dig.If you wish to participate in this unique experience and you have no previous experience, please do not worry as professor Tony King will provide on-site training.

We require up to 12 people per day.

There is also an opportunity to visit the site at an OPEN DAY on Saturday 18th June an OPEN MORNING on Wednesday 22nd June.

For more information or to register as a volunteer please contact Alison Smalley at or John Snow 01489 878631 (answer phone)

We will update this page when we receive further information.

3 Responses to The Big Dig

  1. Charlotte Sampson says:

    I would love the opportunity to get involved for a day or two… I’ve always been interested in history and it would be great to get some ‘hands on experience’ on my doorstep!

    • John Snow says:

      Hello Charlotte

      Many thanks for leaving your message about joining the big dig.
      I have forward your details to Alison Smalley she will contact you with the details of the dig, dates etc.

      Many thanks for showing interest in the dig.

      John Snow

      01489 878631

  2. Mike says:

    Hi. I would very much be interested in participating in the dig please

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